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I am a C++, Python and Javascript programmer with many years of experience in developing effective tools to meet complex challenges in a variety of environments.


Design/Developer, ESNet at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Berkeley, CA — 2013 to present

R&D Engineer, Industrial Light and Magic

San Francisco, CA — 2005 to 2013

Member of the Research and Development team from 2005 until 2013. During that time I worked on both functionality for ILM’s core technology as well as on the Lighting/2D team developing new artist tools, features and providing support to production. My concentration was on UI work, but I also proved to be adept at tackling large and complex code bases in order to deliver the best solution for the problem.

  • Developed a node.js and jquery based web application for GUI testing of applications at ILM.
  • Part of the small team responsible for developing a new material system for ILM used for the Hulk skin in the 2012 movie The Avengers.
  • Responsible for development and maintenance of the ILM lighting and rendering system for much of its life cycle.
  • Part of the core R&D team who moved over 4 million lines of code over to use Qt.
  • Many other significant contributions over the past 7 years.

Senior Software Engineer, Reactrix

Redwood City, CA — 2004 to 2005

Reactrix produced an interactive projection system used for entertainment and advertising deployed in shopping centers and movie theatres.

  • Led development of an application framework in Python and PyQt to meet the immediate needs of the tools roadmap.
  • Developed an application to meet the immediate needs of artists. This tool managed complex dependency graphs of data and properties allowing editing of new or existing content.

Tools Engineer, ESC Entertainment

Alameda, CA — 2003 to 2004

ESC was the Warner Bros. visual effects house responsible for the Matrix sequels and other movies. There I worked in the Production Tools Group where we developed and maintained the ESC pipeline.

  • Part of the virtual background team which developed tools to dramatically improve workflow speed for CG set creation.
  • Wrote and maintained the ESC production database.

Senior Software Engineer, Bias Inc

Petaluma, CA — 2002 to 2003

Bias is a software company whose focus is on developing shrink-wrapped applications for the sound editing and processing market. There I was the key designer of a multithreaded cross-platform framework on which several Bias products were based.

  • Introduction of an XML-based document/view architecture for building applications out of custom controls within a dynamic layout engine.
  • Shipped SoundSoap, a consumer noise reduction application, sold in retail including Apple stores.

Senior Software Engineer, Pulse Entertainment

San Francisco, CA — 1999 to 2001

Pulse developed technology for display of 3D content on the internet. While at Pulse I was an integral part of the small engineering team responsible for improving core technology and for developing tools to translate data from 3rd party applications to the Pulse platform.

  • Solely designed and implemented complete, integrated plugins for 3D Studio Max and Maya. These plugins delivered scene, animation and sound data from the authoring application to a web browser plugin. Multiple release cycles for English and Japanese markets.
  • Core work included support for Maya data types in Pulse core technology such as engineering a new deformation architecture.

Research Assistant, Harvard University

Cambridge, MA — 1999 to 2001

Computer vision work on ‘shape from shading’ for the Department of Psychology’s Vision Science Lab.

  • Principal investigator on core image processing algorithms.
  • Developed tool for visualizing and analyzing shading data.


The University of Edinburgh

Master of Science in Information Technology — 1994-1995 Knowledge-Based Systems and Intelligent Robotics
  • M.Sc. Dissertation was an investigation into physically based animation using a genetic algorithm solver combined with a dynamic motion simulator that could be used to optimize character motions towards high- level movement objectives.

The University of Western Australia

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honors) — 1989-1993
  • Honors Dissertation used genetic algorithm techniques to evolve control and decision making networks for a simulated autonomous robot.
  • Received the Dr. Julian Hunka Prize awarded for best honors dissertation in dynamics and kinematics.


  • Matrix Revolutions (2003)
  • Eregon (2006)
  • Ironman 2 (2010)


  • Proficient in C++ and Python.
  • Technologies: Qt and PyQt, socket programming, multi-threading.
  • Web: Client and server-side Javascript, Node.js,, Backbone.js, SQL and NoSQL databases, HTML, CSS, XML, ASP.
  • Environments: Linux, Mac, Windows.
  • Experienced in cross platform application development.
  • Comfortable with very large existing code bases.
  • Agile development (Scrum).
  • Perforce, git.


XR Log

Personal Exercise log — 2011
  • XR Log is an exercise logging web application being developed with node.js and It is simple, but includes login authentication, manual and TCX based entry, Google Maps, simple charting, tagging and search.

Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders

Compete website rebuild — 2010-2011
  • Moved LMJS website to Wild Apricot platform to support rapidly growing club. This included detailed planning and coordination within the LMJS board as well as plan execution in the form of custom scripts and conversion of member data as well as HTML transfer.

Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders

RaceTime software — 2009-2010
  • Application developed to time LMJS 4th Sunday races. This application was designed to replace a manual tick sheet, enabling a race volunteer to record a time and annotation as runners crossed the finish line, then make edits to that data to fix discrepancies.


  • Ultramarathon and Ironman finisher.
  • Former board member of Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders, the East Bay’s largest running club.
  • Winner of the 2011 RRCA award for “Outstanding Service to the East Bay Running Community and LMJS.”
  • Published photographer.


Available upon request.
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