Rocky Mountains 2004 - peterhome
Hiking up Cascade Canyon

3rd July 2004 - Nevada

Our trip begins! We are now sitting on our bed in a Quality Inn (I had to look at the bedside desk to figure out what motel chain it is. The room is indistinguishable from any other motel. The Daytona NASCAR night race is on the TV. Packing of the 4 runner was aided by Kelly’s grandpa as he came by early morning to take Kelly for a walk. We finished off our packing and soon we were sitting in the truck staring back and Kelly and ALL our stuff. Dave and Lauren may have fitted everything into the back of a Subaru, but they don’t have a CHILD. Actually the packing is pretty good. We can basically see out the back window and there’s nothing on the roof all Kelly’s car seat. But everywhere else there’s stuff. We stopped at Davis for breakfast, which we often visit for croissant. Today they had decided not to make any. Could this trip have a more disastrous start? Actually, Davis was great in every other way. The sun shone, the nectarines were ripe. There were fountains for Kelly to frolic in. After breakfast and Farmers market shopping (we got peaches, nectarines, bread and cheese), we hit the highway towards Nevada. Kelly fell asleep right out of town and slept for (perhaps a record) 185 miles! We drove right past Reno (where we thought we’d be stopping for a break), and by the time we did stop it was at a rest area in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. A hot dry dusty patch with little shade areas and pit toilets. We ate lunch there, and then headed towards Winnemucca along a baron landscape, big sky of clouds, the occasional downpour.

4th July 2004 - Idaho

Long headache provoking drive across Nevada today. Got up, ate breakfast in a casino (Oceans 3?), 4th of July left little open. ($3.99 Ham and Egg specials. Kelly went healthy with Yogurt and fruit). A little shopping, then packing the car again. We have a lot of stuff that needs to move back and forth to the room each night: Kelly’s duffle bag, our duffle bag, Pack and Play, Pack and Play mattress, Laptop bag, Camera bag, Pillows and Cooler. Drove east to Elko and stopped for coffee and Kelly played on the slides. She’s getting good, going down a giant slide. We had to catch her at then end or there would have been a Kelly-tragedy(tm) Continued on the Wells, NV and stopped at a windswept park and ate lunch. A big thunderstorm loomed above us, but except for the occasional spot we didn’t get wet. Kelly picked flowers from the field. North on hwy 93 through an area that reminded us of the Alabama Hills near Mt Witney, a landscape of boulders. This slowly gave way to a greener landscape which became Idaho at a horrible looking casino town called Jackpot. Entered Mountain Time. Entering the twin Falls area we found our motel, the Super 8, and then set off to find the Shoshone Falls. This is in all the postcards and is far more spectacular there than in real life. When you’re actually there its mid-summer, the falls are almost dry, it is surrounded by fat people with bad legs and white sneakers and horrible little children and video camera waving (and commentating) Russians. The canyon and waterfall are nice, but the top of the falls is heavily overdeveloped. Ate at Pizza Hut and then watched the fireworks from the front lawn of the motel (actually a good place to see them), before Kelly was completely baked and we too went to bed. Off to Craters of the Moon tomorrow.
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